5 Ingredients To Fight The Pasta Urge On A Night In

We’ve all been there. You’re home alone for the fifth consecutive night. Choices seem limited, motivation is hard to conjure up and inspiration is at an all time low. I’m a pasta lover and fanatic. How could one not be: there are endless shapes and sizes to eat, great sauces and it all amounts to great textures and satisfies your belly instantly. Evening set!

Of course, we cannot have it every night (I was told back at Uni) so we do have to resort to plan b. It is hard when you do not have the right ingredients to cook something quick and painless. Yet, I have found 5  staple ingredients to have in the kitchen to assemble a decent meal fast (most likely Asian – I am in Hong Kong).

The five ingredients you’ll need to stock up on are:

1 . Onions and spring onions
They are the base to every dish.
In Asian dishes, spring onions always add a spring of flavour. You can also use it as a garnish to beautify your plate.

2. Ginger
It’ll spice up your life!

3. Garlic
For the French in me.

4. Veggies
Carrots, mushrooms, red peppers are great for colourful stir frys.  Sweet potatoes is a favourite as they are an interchangeable spud, which you can convert into baked chips, mash or soup by adding a couple tablespoons of paprika.

5. Fruits
Tomatoes are always useful to have lying around and can be added to inject colour and sweetness to any dish. Lastly, lemons and lime can bring any dish back to life – or simply add them to your gin and tonic while chopping your carrots.




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